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Hi-Dive has been a Denver institution since 2003. Countless local bands got their start at this dive bar in the historic Baker neighborhood on South Broadway. Hi-Dive prides itself on its excellent sound and character, hosting local shows and touring acts all year round. 100% independent and musician owned and operated.

If there is an award for “Best Rock Club,” “Best Independent Music Venue,” “Best Venue Other Than Red Rocks,” “Best Venue Owned By Musicians,” etc. in Denver, that's us!




Hi-Dive's stage is approximately 16 feet wide by 16 feet deep and is elevated 3 feet from the ground.

We have no in-house projector, but we do have a retractable 7′ × 9′ screen.


8k watts program

Mains: 1 per side, stereo configuration

Production Services 3 way speaker cabinet,

each cabinet 2×15″, 1×10″, 1×2″, loaded with DAS components

Subs: mono configuration

6×18″, loaded with McCauley or B&C components

processors DBX Driverack PA


4 mixes from FOH

4 x Yamaha SM15V 2 way boxes (1×15, 1×1)

1 x drum monitor: B52 (2×15, 1×1)

Front of House (FOH):

Console: Soundcraft Impact 32 digital console

19 XLR channels from the stage to FOH

30 mono channels on console

4 monitor mixes to stage

4 built in Effects, gates and compressors on each channel

up to 16 outputs


2 x Shure SM58

4 x Shure Beta58A

2 x Shure Beta57A

3 x Shure SM57

1 x Shure Beta52

1 x Shure Beta56

2 x Audix D2 with drum clips

1 x Audix D4 with drum clip

1 x Audio Technica Pro25

4 x DI Whirlwind Director